“Blues & the Beat” – every Thursday 1:00-3:45 EST (GMT -5)

“Blues & The Beat” is no longer on the air, but we will start something new in 2018!!

Stay tuned…

For almost 15 years, Dennis Gruenling has hosted the Thursday edition of WFDU‘s weekday afternoon blues programming. His show “Blues & the Beat” is a cross-section of all styles of traditional blues with a mix of contemporary artists thrown in for good measure

Every Thursday afternoon from 1:00-4:pm EST you could hear Dennis Gruenling include in his format everything from the legends of Chicago-style blues such as Muddy Waters, to the jump blues styles of artists like Louis Jordan, New Orleans blues from the likes of Fats Domino, and even some vocal group blues and traditional R&B from groups like The Moonglows or Sam & Dave. In addition to this, plenty of obscurities abound (of course all of this being from his personal collection), and the contemporary masters who keep these music styles alive are also featured regularly in the final portion of the program. Weaving into the mix of music will be facts and history, coming from years of study and a serious record-buying addiction.

Each of the first two hours of the “Blues & the Beat” program is formatted to cover a new theme or
topic relating to the history of the blues, spotlighting a particular artist, label, or just a particular subject theme. Examples of themes from past shows are: “Rare Harmonica Recordings”, “Sun Records label”, “Train Blues”“1956 Saxophone Recordings”, and “Boogie Woogie”.

Past “Guest DJ’s” on the show include Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite, Rick Estrin, Little Charlie Baty, Peter Karp, Jason Ricci, Gina Sicilia, Chris Bergson, Arthur Neilson, John Nemeth, and more…