Blues Harmonica Lessons with Dennis Gruenling

If you’re serious about learning harmonica, or about getting better and reaching the next level (or two), LIVE lessons are the way to go! You will not only get great instruction and tools to help you improve quickly, but the 1-on-1 interaction is essential to improve as fast as you can, while avoiding those bad habits and mis-understandings that can slow down or even get in the way of your improvement.

In between gigs, festivals, recordings, workshops, website-updating, and writing…I am available for LIVE 1-on-1 blues harmonica lessons in the NJ/NY metro area, depending on my schedule. Don’t worry, I’ll catch up on my sleep some other time…!

Currently, lessons are either online (usually Mon-Wed), in the NJ shore area on Wednesdays, and in Teaneck, NJ on Thursdays & some Saturdays (easily accessible from NYC via the GWB, or from northern NJ).

Some lessons are available in other areas, and you may fill out the form at the bottom of this page if you have further questions…

LIVE 1-on-1 sessions payment:

To pay for LIVE 1-on-1 session(s) upfront (online or in person), and to be added next in line for availability, click the “Add To Cart” link below…quantity discounts available!

LIVE 1-on-1 evaluation payment:

To pay for a LIVE 1-on-1 half hour evaluation/1st session (online or in person), and to be added next in line for availability, click the “Add To Cart” link below.

Dennis Gruenling teaching blues harmonica, blues harp, harmonica lessons

Private Workshop:

In addition to the shorter 1-on-1 sessions, I also offer longer “Private Workshop” weekends in which the student travels to my area and we set up multiple sessions over the course of 1 or 2 days. This is for the serious student who wants to not only make big leaps in their playing, but also wants to know how to reach the next level and understand more about the techniques and the music.

Topics I teach include:

  • basics of blues harmonica technique
  • tongue-blocking techniques & approach
  • all levels of bending
  • understanding different positions on the diatonic harmonica
  • understanding song structure
  • how to use dynamics and build a vocabulary on the harp
  • Artist Study of a particular classic stylist (ie – Big Walter, George Smith, etc…)
  • Note-for-note learning of classic songs using Joe Filisko tabs
  • amplified playing & techniques
  • and much more…

Dennis Gruenling teaching blues harmonica, blues harp, harmonica lessons

Fill out the form below for more information, availability, and current lesson rates & options. Sessions include:

  • any exercises needed for the lesson
  • any jam tracks needed to practice the techniques/exercises
  • course of action for you to get closer to your goal
  • 20 years of experience playing & teaching, with no filler, just clear explanations of where you are with your playing, where you can be, and what you need to do to get there
  • discounts are available for bulk lesson payments

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