Blues Harp Lessons, pt 2

If you want to seek out where to get some good blues harp lessons, take some of these things into consideration…

2) Make the most of your practice time

If you have found a good instructor to take blues harp lessons from (or are trying to learn on your own), you will also need to be mindful of how you spend your practice time.
What NOT to do…
So many students & players spend much or all of their practice time just playing & jamming on the instrument. If that was the only thing that leads you to be a great player, you’d never need to take any blues harp lessons, and there would be many more great players out there to begin with.

You want to make sure you are balancing your practice time. Some of your time you should be jamming & playing, but it shouldn’t be the only thing you do with your practice time. Jamming & playing will help you get looser on the instrument, help you feel more comfortable playing the harp, and get you “better acquainted” with the harmonica. After all, if we want to become a great player, we will want the harmonica to feel like and become an extension of ourselves. The more time you spend with the harp to your lips, the more you will be comfortable with it. But this is only part of what you should be doing.

What is GOOD to do?

I already mentioned finding the best teacher you can and take some blues harp lessons (so as not to learn bad habits that are hard to unlearn from an amateur or novice instructor – it happens a LOT, believe me!),  but when you take lessons, keep track of what you learn. You can keep track of what you learn on your computer, in a notebook, whatever is a good way for you to access your information when you have time to practice. This way you can later go back over the techniques and everything you learn during the blues harp lessons, and also keep a record of how much you are learning and what new things you need to keep practicing.


Balance your practice time between your jam time, your “new” practice time (where you can work on new techniques, songs, licks, etc…) and your listening practice time. When I teach my blues harp lessons or classes, I stress the importance of practice time and how you spend it. If you practice wisely, it will be one of the best things you ever learn and make a BIG difference in your progress on the harp.

(to be continued…)
– Dennis Gruenling
Dennis Gruenling can be found on or here on He teaches blues harmonica around the globe, including in the NY/NJ area and online, performs all over, and also hosts the blues radio show “Blues & the Beat” on WFDU – Teaneck, NJ on Thursday afternoons.