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On this page I will take submitted questions (along with some questions from my years of teaching), and post my own answers for all to see.

Feel free to ask any harmonica-related question. Remember, there are no stupid questions! (well OK, there are SOME stupid questions, but no sincere question is stupid!)


Q&A #41

Q: “What do you do or recommend to start warming up for a show? What do you practice to help you be prepared for a performance?

A: First thing I will say is that the best thing I can recommend to keep you at the top of your game is to be in a regular practicing routine. I don’t mean that you have to have a really strict routine every day…but you DO want to be in the habit of practicing level-appropriate skills, improvising, and always trying to keep your ear on the top of its game on a regular basis.

Aside from that, here are few things that have helped me over the years to be prepared for performing:

  • Always have Jam Tracks with you…a variety Jam Tracks are essential to good practice, and for keeping you on your musical toes. I always have some with me on my phone, iPod, laptop, etc…
  • Before a performance, if you feel a bit rusty, it may be a good idea to play through several Jam Tracks and/or practice playing some tunes by yourself, keeping the groove going and everything.
  • Warm-up with some instrumentals you know by heart and use the licks and musical ideas as a launching pad for working on your own new ideas.
  • If you have been keeping up with your practicing, LISTEN to some inspiring instrumentalists. This alone can really help (depending on your skill set) and is an endless source of inspiration!


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