Favorite Links

Harps & Equipment:

Dennis Gruenling plays HOHNER HARMONICAS exclusively (Marine Band, Marine Band Crossover, 270 Deluxe & Super 64X).

Dennis Gruenling’s harmonicas customized exclusively by JOE FILISKO and RICHARD SLEIGH. You can also check them out at CUSTOM HARMONICAS.

Kinder Instrument’s ANTI-FEEDBACK+ device is worth it’s weight in gold!!

Resources/Harp Clubs:

Dennis Gruenling’s “BLUES & THE BEAT” radio show on WFDU now has a website – with member section, archives and more!!

If you don’t know about SPAH (Society for the Preservation & Advancement of the Harmonica) – check them & their great annual festival out!

“HARPIN’ FOR HUNGER” Benefit Concerts for the Community FoodBank of NJ, hosted by Dennis Gruenling.

The GARDEN STATE HARMONICA CLUB also puts on a great festival here in NJ, with all styles of harmonica playing, performance & seminars, as well as special events throughout the year.

BLUEBEAT MUSIC is my favorite place (with the best selection & prices) to buy blues CDs & DVDs…specializing in blues harmonica.

COAST TO COAST HARMONICA STORE is a great place to buy harps & related equipment.

If you have a Mac, I totally dig the TAPE DECK APP, and use it to record songs & ideas on my laptop, and you can share or export to your iTunes.

This Vintage FENDER AMP FIELD GUIDE is a cool resource on Fender amps.


WFDU 89.1 FM has the most blues in the NY metro area (Dennis Gruenling’s show “Blues & the Beat” airs on Thursdays), including every weekday from 1:00-4:00PM EST.

STEVE GUYGER is one of my favorite traditional blues players & singers anywhere.

BOB PORTER is one of MY favorite DJ’s for blues & traditional jazz, and one of the great authorities on blues & jazz in America.

FAT RABBITT STUDIOS is a local studio that I’ve recorded at with artists such as Dave Gross, Gina Sicilia and Bob Margolin…great vibe & sound there.


Space Ghost plays “the Bluuues Harp” in this porkchop sandwich clip! The fun starts at around 45 seconds…