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NEW Saturday Group Harmonica Classes in Teaneck, NJ (NYC area)

I just started a Group Harmonica Class (2x month) in Teaneck, NJ. This class is for many levels between beginner and intermediate ability levels. We will be going over many techniques and musical talents to work on including playing & learning songs, blues & tongue-blocking techniques, phrasing, rhythmic techniques, and playing with all different types of grooves. I will also have special harmonica & jam guests from time to time.

LIVE Saturday Afternoon Small Group Class payment (4 classes):

To pay for 4 LIVE 90-minute small group sessions ($30/class), held in Teaneck, NJ, click the “Add To Cart” link below.

During each class we will do a combination of…

  • go over a song with harmonica tab
  • go over a harmonica technique
  • talk a little about songs & theory (nothing too confusing though)
  • work on a particular groove & have some jam time
  • have some time for general harp Q&A
  • talk about what & how to practice
  • send materials needed to practice to all attendees via email

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