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Kinder Instruments "Maximizer" Box

(orders will take a couple weeks to complete, directlyworking with John Kinder...if this is marked as "SOLD OUT" then we are just in between batches and it will be made available within a few weeks)

The world famous Kinder Instruments that brought you the HarpKing amp and the Anti-Feedback+ box also have a GREAT impedance matcher for when you use a Crystal or Ceramic microphone with any pedals or non-Crystal-friendly amps. I'm working directly with John Kinder to offer these on my BadAss Harmonica website to my customers...with convenient payment methods and Priority Mail tracking info as well! 

The Kinder "Maximizer" will stop the drain of power from your mic when used with effects devices, and/or amps that do not respond well to the full super-high impedance signal of a strong Crystal or Ceramic. This device allows the low and high frequency response of your Crystal or Ceramic cartridge to be "widened" giving your tone more "fatness" and "transparency". The Maximizer also isolates the mic cartridge from the output cable and input impedance of the next device or amp, giving a full and consistent tone.

Without the Maximizer you can experience power loss with a Crystal or Ceramic using outboard devices, which adversely affects the tone and clarity of your mic. The Maximizer gives you maximum efficiency from your mic and lets you and your harp shine through regardless of what you are using to enhance your sound.

  • runs on one 9v battery (included)
  • Made specifically for Crystal/Ceramic microphones
  • international shipping available, will be invoiced for complete shipping balance upon fulfillment

PLEASE NOTE: The Maximizer is NOT needed with a HarpKing or Soulful harmonica amp, OR if you are using the Kinder Anti-Feedback+ box.


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