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VM1133 - Astatic T-3 S, vintage Brush crystal

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Vintage Astatic T-3 S Microphone with On-Off and vintage crystal
  • original excellent chrome finish
  • Astatic On-Off neckpiece
  • Strong vintage crystal
  • TONE: strong, fat, hot
  • VOLUME: A+


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  • When will this be available? Is there a volume control?

    Hi - This microphone was sold, but I will have other similar microphones available soon.

    I stopped using and installing volume controls and on my microphones many years ago for several reasons.

    - I mainly use crystal microphones, and even a high-grade volume pot will cut away from the top and bottom of the tone spectrum provided by a crystal element

    - installing one in the shell will take away more value (and tone) from the microphone

    - I feel ultimately one is not needed when a player has developed good playing and cupping technique. When a player develops this, the grip, hands, playing attack, and breathing becomes your way to control and shape tone and volume...without losing tone and response from a good vintage microphone you've invested in.

    -if you feel like you still need and want one, then I think it is a best bet to go with either a good volume pedal (not a popular option really), or a high quality inline volume control that will screw onto the microphone. I have been importing the best inline controls out there for sale on my website (by BluexLab in Italy) but currently they are out of stock. I will get more as soon as they can ship again….no other control works as well in my opinion, without taking away tone from a good crystal, which is the whole reason for paying for and having a great crystal to begin with!

    I use my hands and my breath to help with tone and volume, and never miss a volume control. It does take some work on your breath control and your grip however, but it will ultimately allow you much more control over your amplified sound as a musician.

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