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VMS1037 - Custom Vintage Nickel Astatic Biscuit w/Crystal

Custom Vintage Nickel Astatic Biscuit w/Crystal


Each Custom BadAss Mic is a one-of-a-kind!!
  • custom Vintage Nickel finish, matching stand
  • custom box & packaging
  • Bullet Bag of choice
  • Certificate of BadAssery included!
  • Lifetime spring-loaded connector
  • Vintage Brush Crystal element
  • 1/4" adapter included
  • TONE: Hot, Fat, Dirty


Ask a Question
  • I want to buy this Mic but don’t have the full amount can I put down 150.00 to hold it I know it won’t last I am in love with it Absolutely beautiful and sounds great

    Hi - Thank you! My website does take credit cards, debit cards, paypal and other forms of payment. Thank you!

  • Is possible install the element nickel astetic biscuit in a regular astetic shall?

    I can build another Astatic for you if you wish, but this microphone is built and finished as-is. Thanks!

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