Band Jam Tracks Vol 1, Key of E, download

BAND Jam Tracks VOLUME 1 - "Blues Essentials" in the Key of E for:

  • A harmonica, 2nd position
  • E harmonica, 1st position
  • D harmonica, 3rd position

Volume 1 of my BAND Jam Tracks covers the most common grooves used in blues, in the most common keys. With the award-winning NICK MOSS BAND, these are perfect for practicing acoustic or amplified harmonica, as well as singing, guitar, piano, or anything else.

I will be using different grooves for each key of my new BAND Jam Tracks, so each set for each key will be different and not just recycled grooves in a new key! Stay tuned for more sets this year.

Each Jam Track Volume comes with all 12 Jam Tracks mp3 downloads.

    BAND Jam Tracks Volume 1 in E  includes all of these tracks:

    1. 12-bar "Chicago Shuffle"
    2. 12-bar "Medium-Slow Blues"
    3. 12-bar "Boogie"
    4. 12-bar "Lazy Shuffle"
    5. 12-bar "West Coast Double Shuffle"
    6. 12-bar "Rhumba"
    7. 12-bar "Funky Blues"
    8. I-chord "Hooker Groove"
    9. 12-bar "Rock & Roll" 
    10. I-chord "March Shuffle"
    11. I-chord "Minor Groove"
    12. 12-bar "Minor Slow Blues"




    Ask a Question
    • Do they have real endings or do they fade out?

      Hi - All of my Jam Tracks have real endings. Also, the grooves will vary from one key to another in most cases, because that's what happens in "real life" playing. A shuffle in E sounds and a little different than a shuffle in C or D....etc... Thanks!

    • Can you download jam tracks onto I phones

      Hi - that all depends on your phone and if you have the capability to do so on your specific phone type. Many people still can't do this and it's not common place for everyone yet, due to phones working on different operating system types than computers.

      What most people do is either download them on laptop/computer and them email them or share them to their phon... or download an app that allows downloaded files to be opened on your specific type of phone. Thanks!

    • Hi Dennis, can these Tracks be usted to post song arrangements on youtube? Just for sake of blues music...

      My tracks can be used on YouTube if you give credit with a link - thanks for asking!!

      - Dennis

    • Hi Dennis Richie from Niagara Falls was wondering if you provide a sample of you playing to these tracks one of the problems I have is what to play great tracks gonna order. I hope I can get some times for some lessons with you thanks

      Hi Richie - on this week's Tunesday video, I am playign with the "West Coast Shuffle" track from this Jam Track Set, and I will be doing more soon! Thanks

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