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...frustrated by knowing licks but not knowing how to really make MUSIC?

...want to understand how to turn just "feeling" this music into playing music that OTHERS can feel?

I almost gave up harmonica when I realized how much I should be practicing, but then I found a way to really help myself learn FASTER, learn MORE, and RETAIN more of what I was I could actually learn BETTER.

When I first discovered Blues Harp, I was blown away (no pun intended) by the powerful and emotional sounds of Little Walter, James Cotton, Sonny Boy Williamson, and many others. I always loved music, but BLUES really grabbed me the way nothing else had! I knew I had to play this music, and learn how to play like these masters.

Of course when I started out, I sounded pretty bad, like everyone at the beginning. While this was very frustrating, I started changing how I practiced and it made a HUGE difference for me!

"Dennis is one of the top teachers today. Not only due to the fact that he has the ability to explain how to do it right and what you're doing wrong in any circumstance, but also because he has a background of performing live on festival and club stages around the world for decades now.

He has the talent to make the harmonica an exciting and driving instrument, and all of this makes him the perfect person to go to for advice in any case."


I have been teaching myself, as well as students worldwide, this way for many years, and later even found out it has been scientifically proven to help people learn more, learn faster, and ultimately learn BETTER!

I totally immersed myself in the world of Blues Harmonica...I only listened to great Blues music, and to great harmonica players. I mean ALL of the time. At first I listened to enjoy it of course, but then also to LEARN it and to HEAR it better. I dedicated so many years and so much research and money to find great recordings to help me learn this music, to feed my ears and to understand how to play this music better.

When I started listening more (to the right stuff) and balanced my listening time with other types of practice, my playing grew by leaps and bounds! It totally changed not only how I played, but how I THOUGHT and HEARD everything...which is really what makes the difference.


"In today's overcrowded, and mostly under-qualified, blues harmonica information universe, Dennis Gruenling is a veritable life-raft! 

Dennis has a deep, world-class knowledge of harmonica technique. His musicality and command of the mechanics of the instrument are perfectly matched with his ability to clearly and simply break it down in both theory and application. 

As an instructor and coach, Dennis delivers everything required to jumpstart and inspire students of  EVERY level!"


I had heard so many other harp "teachers" and players tell me things like "not everyone can learn this music", or "only some people can learn to play the harp this way"...and I totally disagree with this! While I do agree we all have different talents and skills, there is so much we can learn about playing this instrument and this music, and the journey is different for everyone.

...if you think you can't do it, THINK AGAIN! When you know how to practice better and get the best results, you will learn more, learn faster and feel so much better about playing!


"Learning from Dennis has taken my technique to another level...quickly and  noticeably

Whether it's getting maximum power and feel from the bullet mic, playing a lick in new and varied ways, or solid fundamentals like breathing and tone, these BadAss lessons and webinars are something  I can't do without"

- Bo Stevens (online student)

Just keeping track of your practice time and balancing different types of practice that I always talk about will make a HUGE difference. I have not met any students yet (true story, not one) who could not progress with these techniques and skills who actually practiced the way I suggest on a regular basis...and now I am supplying all you need on a monthly basis!

"I always recommend Dennis to any player that wants to really learn on the harmonica. 

Not only does Dennis break down technique, theory, and gear, but he is patient and articulate.

It's not often these Pro harp players teach their real secrets...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"

- Jeff Burgos (online student)

Do you need to spend crazy amounts of time to practice?  NO. In most cases, shorter and consistent practice sessions get the best results, when you do it right!

Do you need to spend crazy amounts of money to learn the best way? NO. In fact, the Memberships to BadAss Harmonica streaming content COSTS LESS than ONE LESSON per month...yet give you streaming access to Jam Tracks made specifically for harp (for improv and musical practice), Radio & Video archives (for musical listening and learning), and full-length webinars that give you some FOCUSED learning time on artists, techniques, gear, and approaches...many with the top blues harp players!

ZEBRA MEMBERS ...for LESS THAN HALF the price of a LESSON, you get 24/7 access each month to:

  • TWO Streaming Webinars w/Notes & Playlists
  • Radio Show Archives
  • Exclusive Videos
  • Streaming Jam Tracks
  • Blues Harp History pages
  • Vintage Microphone Gallery
  • Website Q&A's

Want more?? LEOPARD VIP MEMBERS ...for STILL LESS THAN the price of a LESSON, you get you ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS:

  • LIVE Monthly Members Webinar
  • Monthly Member Giveaways
  • Monthly Members Playlist
  • Monthly Website Q&A
  • Recommended Listening
  • 15% Discount on Select Merchandise
  • First Dibs on Vintage Gear 

Want the MOST?? SNAKESKIN VIP MEMBERS ...for the price of ONE LESSON, you get ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS:

  • Webinar #1 Lesson Video
  • Webinar #2 Lesson Video
  • Vocabulary Building Lesson Video
  • 20% Discount on Select Merchandise

All Memberships start the day of payment. Memberships are for Individuals only and non-refundable. All memberships renew (monthly or yearly) and you can cancel at any time.


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