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BadAss Harmonica MEMBERSHIPS


...there is now Membership Access to BadAss Harmonica to bring you a new selection of exclusive content each month!! 


  • RJ MISCHO (2hr 5min)
  • NEXT LEVEL 2nd POSITION (1hr 45min)


Why become a Member? For LESS THAN HALF the price of a LESSON, you can become a ZEBRA member which will get 24/7 access each month to:

  • TWO Streaming Webinars w/Notes & Playlists
  • Radio Show Archives
  • Exclusive Videos
  • Streaming Jam Tracks
  • Blues Harp History pages
  • Vintage Microphone Gallery
  • Website Q&A's


Want more?? Plus a LIVE SESSION each month?? For STILL LESS THAN the price of a LESSON, you can UPGRADE and join as a LEOPARD member which will get you ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS:

  • LIVE Monthly Q&A Members Webinar
  • Monthly Member Giveaways
  • Monthly Members Playlist
  • Monthly Website Q&A
  • Recommended Listening
  • Discount on Select Merchandise
  • First Dibs on Vintage Gear 

All Memberships start the day of payment. Memberships are for Individuals only and non-refundable. All memberships renew (monthly or yearly) and you can cancel at any time.

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