Who Am I?

My name is Dennis Gruenling. I got my first harmonica the same day I heard my first blues record (which featured James Cotton and Junior Wells), and there was no turning back! Now I have shared the stage with many of my heroes (such as Rod Piazza below, whom I perform with out here on the West Coast), I am featured on the Hohner Crossover harmonica box, and am in demand for my harmonica instructional workshops and webinars, as well as my performances around the globe with The Nick Moss Band...but how did this happen? 

Growing up as a rocker in New Jersey, I was always attracted to the bluesy and jazzy side of things, until I discovered the original Rhythm & Blues masters from the 40s, 50s, and 60s who have inspired and influenced countless Rock & Roll, Country, and modern-day Blues artists worldwide. I dropped out of high school (where I had my first radio show) and dove into this new music and instrument I discovered with a passion! Within my first year, I was being asked to perform with local acts, teach some beginner harmonica lessons, and fix vintage microphones (another passion of mine).

After years of teaching myself and then receiving some advice and accolades from some of the older masters of blues harp such as Snooky Pryor, Sam Myers, and James Cotton, I started performing with more regional bands and started my own jump blues band called "Jump Time".

At this time (around 1999) I released my first album "Dennis Gruenling & Jump Time", and started touring beyond the East Coast. In the years since, I have recorded 6 more albums of my own, repaired and rebuilt HUNDREDS of vintage microphones for professional and amateur harp players worldwide, had a 15-year blues radio show in the NYC market, and taught hundreds of private students as well as classes at just about every Harmonica Camp and Workshop around the globe. 

Currently I record and perform worldwide with the Nick Moss Band,and perform out here on the West Coast with Blues Harp Legend Rod Piazza. Nick and I have been friends for over 20 years, and he is one of the most talented and hard working bandleaders, guitarists and singer/songwriters I know on the scene. Upon joining forces we got signed with Alligator Records, with which we have two releases...both garnering us each some Blues Music Awards. Rod Piazza needs no introduction to blues harmonica fans, being a living legend on the Blues scene for more than five decades and still pioneering his own powerful sound and style...and STILL playing at the top of his game these days!

On BadAss Harmonica, you will get a chance to see and hear the vintage microphones I have for sale, buy/download my music or jam tracks, check out my exclusive selection of shirts, mugs, and posters (designed by yours truly), seek out some very useful harmonica information with the Q&A Webinars...and so much more!

I hope you dig what's here...

- Dennis Gruenling

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