Why Buy Here?

Nowadays there are so many "custom mic builders" and so-called "harmonica microphone experts" on the internet, so what exactly makes ME and what I offer any different, and why have so many pros (such as the ones pictured above) trusted me with their microphone choices?

  • Integrity. I stand behind everything I sell. My motto has always been "I won't sell a microphone I wouldn't use myself"...and some of the microphones I sell are literally microphones I have used on recordings and tours myself! If an issue ever comes up, I work with you until you are satisfied. I am here for you through the whole process, from the questions of deciding what fits your style and budget, to the excitement of playing through your new Badass Harmonica microphone.
  • Value. I offer only Vintage Bullet Microphones, with Vintage Elements. These microphones are also collectible and not only retain their value, but their value will increase over time. You simply won't get that from other places that you see "custom vintage" or "harmonica microphones" nowadays that are relatively cheap, inexpensive models, many of which are "chopped" models and are not collectible styles...or sometimes other custom-crafted and flashy-looking models that are not even vintage nor retain their resale value. I also specialize in vintage crystal elements, which not only give you a sound you can't get with any other elements, but are difficult to find nowadays (no decent ones have been made in decades). Some other vintage elements can sound good for harmonica, but are more compressed, more common, not as valuable, and not as rare...nor do they offer as broad of a tonal range or variations of tonal shading.

  • Reputation. As it has been for over 20 years, my business is mainly word-of-mouth. I have provided, and continue to provide, microphones to some of the best in the business. Some of the more recognizable names that have been my personal microphone customers include Charlie Musselwhite, Kim Wilson, Rick Estrin, Rod Piazza, Jim Liban, Steve Guyger, Tom Waits, Jerry Portnoy, Joe Filisko, Southside Johnny, and many others. However, all of my customers - famous or not - are treated just like friends!
  • Experience. I have been collecting, re-building, restoring, and customizing vintage bullet style harp mics for 25+ years now, and not only have I been through literally thousands of them (yes - THOUSANDS), but likely have the biggest bullet microphone collection anywhere on Planet Earth. I know my stuff when it comes to these microphones, especially vintage crystal microphones.
  • Even More Experience. I am an award-winning professional harmonica player, respected by the best in the business. I have also worked in many amplified bands and musical settings for more than a couple decades. I understand all of the issues that go along this crazy thing we call "amplified harmonica", and have more experience and insight doing it than all the other microphone "experts" I know. I can help you not only in choosing the right vintage microphone for you, but also in helping you get the most out of it!

I take custom orders when my schedule allows, and I carve time out of my touring and recording schedule to build an inventory of microphones to sell. If you are looking for something in particular that you don't see here, or have a question about a microphone you see here for sale, fill out the form on the Contact Page and I will reply when I am back at my workbench.

Please Remember - super loud volume is not always the best option, unless you have technique AND an amplified rig that can control the high output of an extremely high gain microphone. Also, please remember that those meter readings you see on some "microphone sellers" posts don't mean ANYTHING AT ALL when it comes to tone & output for amplified harp. Your best bet is to buy from someone who knows how to play amplified harp, and the better they can play, the more qualified they are to test and grade microphones for other players - especially if they also know how to do the work. Think about it - if he had the skills, would you trust Buddy Guy more to test, design and rebuild you a guitar pickup, or your neighbor (who took 3 guitar lessons as a teenager and now "fixes" guitars and pickups as an online hobby)?

Testing - Even if you get your hands on a vintage microphone that works, there is zero guarantee that it will withstand "performance usage" cupped in the hands by a harmonica player. It's that simple. Plus, testing any microphone out on only ONE amplifier is never a safe bet because the different circuitry, wattage, and different speaker configurations can make a huge difference. All my microphones go through rigorous testing by yours truly. In all my demo videos, I use multiple amps so you get a realistic idea of how these microphones sound with a variety of amps - such as a small amp (1x8" speaker), a mid-size amp (usually 1x12" speaker) and a bigger amp (usually a HarpKing 4x10" or 6x10" model).

All microphones come with 1/4" adapter attached (as pictured in photos, so you can just plug in a guitar cord and play). US shipping is done mainly with USPS Priority Mail (my preferred method with least amount of issues in my experience), which also includes packing & insurance. All mics are guaranteed to be working as you see & hear on the website, and sold as described...meaning they are accurately described, photographed and recorded for you to see & hear. Of course you want to be careful with them and not tamper with them in the rare case that you may want to exchange for a different style. These are vintage electronics and if treated with care should give you many years of toneful enjoyment.

International Sales - International microphone orders are welcome, and I have been shipping to international customers for many years. Keep in mind that the shipping price is higher. You can even enquire before buying for an approximate shipping rate.

What about the "other guys"? -While there are a couple other reputable sellers out there, none others that I know specialize in vintage crystal microphones for harmonica. So when buying microphones from an amateur player, builder and/or antique dealer (especially on eBay and other online auctions)...Buyer Beware! Especially watch out for the "as is" sales. "Working condition" DOES NOT mean "good working condition for use with harmonica"! I lost track of how many microphones I had to re-build over the years for players who wanted to "save money" somewhere online (such as eBay, or from someone who "tested" out the mic with a meter). The actual microphones I have for sale are not only re-built by myself, but also tested in several ways and used in the demo videos I post. I stand behind all my microphones, and if any issues/questions ever arise, I work with the purchaser to resolve it in a timely fashion, assuming microphones have not been tampered with.


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