CombKey™ & CoverKey™ Harmonica Key Stickers

NOW AVAILABLE - Harmonica Key Stickers that last, won't leave nasty residue, and look professional!

For years I always labeled my harps by hand with a Sharpie. That lasted a little while, and then I had to repeat the whole process over & over, for the entire life of the harp. I was never truly happy with that solution, but was also unimpressed with other methods that other players had been using.

This past year I started using these great Harmonica key stickers that my pal Chad Nordstrom of Boreal Amplification had developed. I’m glad to start getting these into more hands. They are by far, THE BEST I’ve seen and used.

CombKey™ Stickers are for the combs and are 3/16" square with transparent background, one sheet of 270 stickers, available in White, Black, or Brown...$25

CoverKey™ Stickers are SOLD OUT for the coverplates and are 3/4" square with transparent background, two sheets of 84 stickers, available in Black... $15

Buy ALL 3 colors of  CombKey™ Stickers... get 810 stickers for $55 (save $20)

Buy ALL 3 colors of  CombKey™ Sticker sheets PLUS CoverKey™ Sticker sheets... get 978 stickers for $65 (save $25) SOLD OUT

It is recommended to take your time and use a toothpick or a small sharp tool to pick these up and apply to your harmonica. Once they are applied, you are good to go for a long time!!



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