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Saturday Q&A Webinars!!




SATURDAY Q&A WEBINAR "BULLET MICS" w/Dennis Gruenling & Special Guests!!



  • Most Popular Models
  • What Makes a Good One?
  • Why Are They Popular?
  • Hype or Really Something Special?
  • Variations of Elements & Sounds
  • VERY Special Guests sharing knowledge, advice, stories
  • ...plus answering ALL OF YOUR questions...

    Registration Fees Go Directly To The Musicians - No Recording Please - THANK YOU!! 


    "BULLET MICS" - In this long-anticipated webinar, I will be discussing a huge passion of mine and many other Blues Harp players - BULLET MICS! This is the only webinar I know like this, and it won't just be me doing the talking...

    I will have some VERY SPECIAL GUESTS popping in, taking questions as well as sharing their stories and advice from working with Bullet Microphones for many years. Each of these individuals has more experience than just about anyone else you know, and it will be as much fun as it will be informative...you won't wanna miss this one!



    • TOM ELLIS - the first harp mic specialist on the scene (Tom's Mics), I worked for him back in the 90's - a PLETHORA of mic info, stories, and knowledge!!
    • DAVE KOTT - you probably know him as the guy behind the Green Bullets website. A long time buddy who is also a player, collector, and of course an encyclopedia of Shure Green Bullet knowledge!!
    • DENNIS OELLIG - the "other" Microphone Dennis, who is one of the nicest dudes I know in the business, and also has been great work on all types of microphones for decades...for everyone!
    • JEFF SPOOR - great harp mic customizer and rebuilder, as well as a talented and knowledgeable machinist. 


    WHY? With little work or performances for most of us musicians, I've decided to start a series of LIVE online Q&A Sessions with some of the BEST and most knowledgable players and technicians in the Blues and Harmonica World!! Registration is LIMITED and open to anyone willing to make a donation.

    HOW? These will be EXCLUSIVE to BadAss Harmonica with a link to the LIVE Webinar, and will . This does NOT include any streaming or recording options. All proceeds go directly to the musicians and is one of the ONLY ways for most of us to generate some income right now. Normally a seminar like this would be $50 and up, however I want to keep these going on a regular basis and with the best guests (and topics) that are available!

    WHAT They Say: 

    "I've joined all of them and want you to know how much I've enjoyed them. Listening to top players talk shop with you is not only informative, but really funny" - Rich M.

    "The Question & Answer format allows unique insights...the variety of excellent questions results in topics that interests players of all levels...spend an evening with harmonica legends talking with me in my living room? Yes, Please!!" - Bob S.

    "Dennis Gruenling's Zoom sessions are beneficial to anyone that wants to be a better harmonica player...I tune in every weekend...a must for any harmonica player." - Jeff B.

    "Your Q&A Sessions are as close one can get to sitting and visiting with your guests...I have benefitted from each session that I attended, please keep them coming!" - Brian W.

    $20 ENTRY gets you:

    • Exclusive link to join and participate in the LIVE Q&A Webinar 
    • ONE Entry in the Webinar Giveaways

    $50 ENTRY gets you:

    • Exclusive link to join and participate in the LIVE Q&A Webinar 
    • TWO Entries in the Webinar Giveaways
    • Exclusive Notes & Resources with playlists, highlights and more!

    $100 ENTRY gets you :

    • Exclusive link to join and participate in the LIVE Q&A Webinar 
    • FOUR Entries in the Webinar Giveaways
    • Exclusive Notes & Resources with playlists, highlights and more!
    • Bullet Bag 2-pack, or Microphone shirt of your choice!


      The Q&A Workshops are usually approximately 90 minutes long (most of these go 2+ hours!!) and all attendees will have the chance to post questions during the session.

      These webinars are only being offered as Live events/webinars, and not to be recorded or broadcasted by any other means, including viewing and/or broadcast and viewed by a GROUP. Donations and Registration is for an INDIVIDUAL. All videos and webinars broadcasted are the property of BadAss Harmonica and not for any other use, private or public, or for sale or distribution by anyone else.


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