Jam Tracks Set, 1st Position Practice Vol 1, download

Jam Tracks Set - BLUES GROOVES, VOLUME 1 (KEYS A, B, C, D)

    This set of Jam Tracks features some very useful tracks for practicing 1st Position, especially using two harmonicas - one for 2nd Position, and one for 1st Position...to get used to this new position on harmonica. With just acoustic guitar, these are perfect for practicing acoustic harmonica, which is recommended for most practice (but they work great for amplified harp as well). I also utilize different pro guitar players in each volume, so each key and set is a different mix, and not just recycled tracks in a new key!

    Each Jam Track Set comes with all 15 Jam Tracks mp3 downloads.

      1st Position Practice Volume 1 includes all of these tracks:

      1. 12-bar Shuffle - Key of A
      2. I-Chord Hooker Beat - Key of A
      3. I-Chord Shuffle - Key of A
      4. I-Chord Wolfstack - Key of A
      5. 12-bar Chicago Shuffle - Key of A
      6. 12-bar Shuffle - Key of Bb 
      7. I-Chord Hooker Beat - Key of Bb
      8. I-Chord Shuffle - Key of Bb
      9. I-Chord Wolfstack - Key of Bb
      10. 12-bar Chicago Shuffle - Key of Bb
      11. 12-bar Shuffle - Key of G
      12. I-Chord Hooker Beat - Key of G
      13. I-Chord Shuffle - Key of G
      14. I-Chord Wolfstack - Key of G
      15. 12-bar Chicago Shuffle - Key of G


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