Bullet Bag™ - Microphone Protective Pouch



For as long as I've remembered, most players either use a beer “koozie”, a "Royal" purple cloth bag, or (even worse) no protection at all to store their vintage mics! All of these were limited options and offer little-to-no protection for your valuable microphones. Not only are these “Bullet Bags"™ incredibly stylish, but with 10mm thickness, you get the most protection from spills, shocks, scratches and drops! Designed by Yours Truly for BadAss Harmonica.

Why These? I have tested out several designs, materials and thicknesses for microphone pouches over the past several years. It took me a long time to finally get these CUSTOM-MADE the way I want them...combining extra-thickness and a super-snug fit for better protection. When first received, it is best to keep the microphone inside the Bullet Bag™ for a few days to get it accustomed. Made and designed exclusively by BadAss Harmonica!


What Microphones fit in a Bullet Bag™? ...check this video out!!


What happens when I tested out a Bullet Bag™? ...check this video out!!


The Bullet Bag™ fits any "standard size" bullet microphone such as:

  • Astatic JT-30 styles
  • Astatic Model 30 Biscuit
  • Shure Green Bullet styles
  • Shure small-shell bullets
  • Turner Challengers (CX, CD, BX, BD)
  • RCA Bullet models
  • Electro-Voice 605/606 style
  • Astatic 200 style chopped models
  • Astatic T-3 (with or without neckpiece, the full head will be covered)
  • Turner chopped desktop mics (depending on jack & volume control)

. . . as well as any other “standard size” vintage or new Bullet Mic!

There is no guarantee on protection from abuse, but my vintage microphones have withstood much abuse and several drops within these Bags! Yes, my Vintage Crystal Microphones that I personally use have withstood and survived SEVERAL DROPS while testing these Bullet Bags™!

SINGLE $15 |  2-PACK $25 | 3-PACK $35

Combo (2 black)
Combo (2 purple)


Ask a Question
  • Howdy; Wondering what the difference is between a "combo" 2 pack in purple (which is unavailable for sale on page) and 2 bullet bags in purple, (which "are" available on page for sale.) Does buying the "combo get you the package price of $25 & buying 2 singles cost $30? slightly confused

    Hi - I will fix inventory now, they are in stock. 
    "Combo" 2-pack is Combination of Colors, 1 Black and 1 Purple. You can also choose the 2-pack with 2 Black or with 2 Purple Bags. Any option you choose, the 2-pack and 3-pack prices save you money - thanks!

  • How about bulletini’ or a Heumann wood Mic?

    Hi - The Bullet Bags fit all "standard'size" Bullet Microphones. The Bulletini is too small to fit this correctly, and other sizes will be coming out. As for the Heumann wood mics, any of them that are a stabdard bullet size (such as similar to an Astatic JT-30 or Turner or Shure Green Bullet) then it will fit well. Thank You!!

  • I use a Peavey H-5, I know it's not vintage but it's what I could afford at the time. Have you tested to see if the Bullet Bag will fit it by any chance?

    Hi - Yes it will fit this Peavey microphone. The Peavey mic is bascially a copy of the Shure Green Bullet microphone size and style. Just a twist and oush in the Bullet Bag for a snug fit, which is what is best for protection anyway. Thanks!

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