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Donations & Tips - Thank You!!

It's a crazy time right now, not just for us musicians and artists who mainly depend on travel for a living, but also every person who depends on crowds and performances, storefronts, and other similar environments for an income. 

The next several months (at least) of live performances have been taken completely off the calendar and some people have asked how to help out, so I'm working on LOTS of creative ways to offer some new online content, and this will be the page I link to for any donations, tips, or Webinar Registration Payments if people feel so inspired.

If you are able and willing to help out, it is appreciated MUCH more than you know. ANY donation is being accepted for my weekly Saturday Q&A Sessions (featuring a new guest each week), and I just really appreciate the people who have been checking in with me and my friends, and who continue to purchase lessons, microphones, t-shirts, and other merchandise here on BadAss Harmonica. 

Stay tuned for a new Saturday Q&A Webinar each week, as well as some new online content such as merchandise, online performances and jams, and other new online Harmonica content...

Thank You!!

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