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Band Jam Tracks Vol 1, Key of E, download

BAND Jam Tracks VOLUME 1 - "Blues Essentials" in the Key of E for:

  • A harmonica, 2nd position
  • E harmonica, 1st position
  • D harmonica, 3rd position

Volume 1 of my BAND Jam Tracks covers the most common grooves used in blues, in the most common keys. With the award-winning NICK MOSS BAND, these are perfect for practicing acoustic or amplified harmonica, as well as singing, guitar, piano, or anything else.

I will be using different grooves for each key of my new BAND Jam Tracks, so each set for each key will be different and not just recycled grooves in a new key! Stay tuned for more sets this year.

Each Jam Track Volume comes with all 12 Jam Tracks mp3 downloads.

    BAND Jam Tracks Volume 1 in E  includes all of these tracks:

    1. 12-bar "Chicago Shuffle"
    2. 12-bar "Medium-Slow Blues"
    3. 12-bar "Boogie"
    4. 12-bar "Lazy Shuffle"
    5. 12-bar "West Coast Double Shuffle"
    6. 12-bar "Rhumba"
    7. 12-bar "Funky Blues"
    8. I-chord "Hooker Groove"
    9. 12-bar "Rock & Roll" 
    10. I-chord "March Shuffle"
    11. I-chord "Minor Groove"
    12. 12-bar "Minor Slow Blues"




    Ask a Question
    • Hi Dennis, can these Tracks be usted to post song arrangements on youtube? Just for sake of blues music...

      My tracks can be used on YouTube if you give credit with a link - thanks for asking!!

      - Dennis

    • Hi Dennis Richie from Niagara Falls was wondering if you provide a sample of you playing to these tracks one of the problems I have is what to play great tracks gonna order. I hope I can get some times for some lessons with you thanks

      Hi Richie - on this week's Tunesday video, I am playign with the "West Coast Shuffle" track from this Jam Track Set, and I will be doing more soon! Thanks

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