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Big Harmonica Ring (sterling silver)

Designed by master jewelry craftsman Darren Simonian, these big harmonica rings are beautifully designed and crafted to order. They don't actually play, but they will last longer than any of your other harmonicas!

Since these rings are custom made and sent direct from the jewelry designer, please choose your correct size AND order the ring(s) separately from any other items you may want - Thank You!!

  • FREE shipping in Continental US (just order separately)
  • ask about International shipping rates & bigger sizes!


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  • Hello. This is Michael Weintraub. I play guitar harmonica sing & write songs. Your ring looks pretty pretty cool. Have a question. If I order the ring and when I get it decide it’s not for me (which I doubt would happen) can I return it? Thanks.

    Hi Michael - thanks for the question. Due to the fact that these rings are custom-made per order, these are not returnable. We do offer a smaller harmonica ring if you think the size would be an issue. Thank You!

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