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Autographed Personal Harmonica for display

I have taken a small number of my "retired" personal harmonicas and decided (after many requests) to offer them for sale. Each is signed on the cover plate, and nicely displayed in a shadow box, attached to a Hohner Crossover retail cover (featuring yours truly).

I will only have a limited number of these, since these are actual harmonicas I've had customized by either Richard Sleigh or Joe Filisko, and have used on gigs on the road, in the studio, and at local performances. These have lots of mileage on them, and I used each of these for many years, but did not want to toss them out. The harps still work, but there's not much life left in them, and they are attached to the display backing. Though I'm not in the business to resell my harps and I've had people offer more money for my harps before, I thought these made a nice little display item for those who are interested.

The photo is an actual one for sale, but each harp looks a little differently.

(note: depending on your order, harmonicamay incur additional shipping charges to ensure safe packaging and delivery)


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