Jam Tracks Set, Playing Thru Changes Practice for A Harp, download


    This mix of Jam Tracks was featured in my BadAss Harmonica Q&A Webinar "Playing Thru Changes" on January 30, 2021. I demonstrated different scales, arpeggios and ideas for practicing over the I, the IV and the V chords on an A diatonic harmonica.

    Use the Tracks in E for 2nd Position I-Chord practice, Tracks in A for 2nd Position IV-Chord practice (1st Position) and Tracks in B for 2nd Position V-Chord practice (3rd Position).

    Playing Thru Changes Practice for A Harp includes all of these tracks:

    1. I-Chord Shuffle - Key of E
    2. I-Chord Hooker Beat - Key of E
    3. I-Chord Bo Diddley - Key of E
    4. I-Chord Swing - Key of E
    5. 12-bar Shuffle - Key of E
    6. 12-bar Boogie - Key of E
    7. 8-bar "Highway" Jam- Key of E
    8. 16-bar "Saints" Jam - Key of E
    9. Rock & Roll w/Bridge Jam - Key of E
    10. I-Chord Shuffle - Key of A
    11. I-Chord Bo Diddley - Key of A
    12. I-Chord Hooker Beat - Key of A
    13. I-Chord Shuffle - Key of B
    14. I-Chord Bo Diddley - Key of B
    15. I-Chord Hooker Beat - Key of B


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    • Is there written or verbal instruction w/ this or just the track ? What is the best overall Jam tracks for practice ? It looks like there are repeats but in different keys ? I am thinking Vol 1 Jam tracks in various keys ?

      Hello - I have several Jam Track "Theme" sets where I pick specific tracks that work well for specific purposes and webinars I have done (1st position, 3rd position, playing through changes, etc). So if you get several sets, there will be some repeat, but not too much. I have Vol 1 available in 9 different keys (acoustic guitar) and most of these were done by several different pro guitarists I have played with purposely so each shiuffle or swing or rhumba does not sound the same. Vol 2 (acoustic guitar) is not typical 12-bar blues, but 8-bar blues, I-chords and various other formats.  You can try getting Vol 1 in your favorite key to practice in and go from there...I also have Full Band Jam Tracks now. 2 keys available for those (E and G), and mroe coming.

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