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Kinder Instruments Anti-Feedback+ Box

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This Is It!! The world-famous Kinder/HarpKing Harp Mod built into a portable device the size of a typical effects pedal. I'm working directly with John Kinder to offer these on my BadAss Harmonica website to my customers...with convenient payment methods and Priority Mail tracking info as well! 

The original "Anti-Feedback+" is designed to enhance all tube amps. You just dial this baby in and you are ready for blues tone, volume, and feedback control. John is now offering this unique and extraordinary harp players dream with a guarantee for 5 years. Just like the HarpKing, John has put all of his love and knowledge into this new product. Though there may be imitators, there is NOTHING on the market like this and we are sure that you will appreciate the flexibility that you will experience without the famous "feedback squeal".  Whenever I can't use my HarpKing amp, I ALWAYS take this with me!

  • runs on two 9v batteries (included)
  • works with any Hi-Z microphone, but especially well with Crystal/Ceramic microphones
  • international shipping available, will be invoiced for complete shipping balance upon fulfillment


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  • so whatz the price on anti feedback by kinder? thanks

    Hi - the price is $500 plus shipping. There is a wait list, so please request more info if you are interested NOW and want to be on the List - thank you!

  • Hi folks...I live in London and work mainly in Europe..I am performing at a blues award gig near Frankfurt towards the end of September....will your AFB pedal be available for me to purchase by then?? Many thanks Frank Mead

    Hi Frank - I work directly with John Kinder who makes these himself to have available for my website customers, but he is getting older and works at his own pace now. I cannot guarantee a timeline for production or delivery, sorry. I did put you on the "wait list" and will contact you when available. Thanks so much!

  • Hi, special question incoming. A month ago I ordered a device directly from john, did the payment and everything. All of a sudden, no contact at all. So I might wonder what happened. Theres no phone number given on his side and you seem to be the only other retailer of his products that I could find. Do you know anything concering his whereabouts? Im from germany, so Im sorry for the mistakes with the language.

    Hi - Email me directly and I can try to help you out with that and recah out to him if need be. Office at badass harmonica dot com

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