1954 Supro Super Vintage Amp

November 03, 2020

Vintage Amp for Blues Harp - Supro Super 1954 amp - amplified harmonica

Vintage Amp FOR harp

Small vintage harp amp!

1954 Supro Super vintage amp

Very cool and rare small Supro amplifier for blues harmonica and guitar.

This little bad boy really screams at low volumes! This rare amp model from the mid-1950's has one oval speaker and tons of grit for amplified blues harmonica. Works well with both Astatic type Crystal microphones, and Shure Controlled Reluctance or Controlled Magnetic microphones.  

5 watts of crunch power that won't have your neighbors (or your significant other) throwing a fit! You will get lots of that distorted crunchy tone, at a friendly volume, with this "one knob wonder". 


1 x 6V6

1 x 6SJ7

1 x 5Y3

Original Speaker

Original oval Rola soeaker, known for it's cool tone for amplified harmonica.

power Transformer

I had a custom-made exact replica of the original power transformer to replace the original that was not functioning correctly.

Original finish

Original super cool pearlescent covering.

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