1958 Danelectro Artist Vintage Amp

November 03, 2020

vintage bullet microphone amp blues harmonica harp ampflier danelectro

chicago blues harp tone

great blues harp amp!

1958 Danelectro Artist vintage amp

Rare Dano model amplifier for blues harmonica, with 2 x 6L6 tubes!

Here is a rare vintage amp model from Danelectro, that sounds great for amplified blues harmonica...especially if you want that 1950's Chicago blues harp sound. It looks similar to the more popular "Centurion" model (also a nice amp for blues harmonica), but this amp sports two 6L6 power tubes, which gives it more wattage and tone, to really pack a punch alá Big Walter Horton.

Sounds great for blues harp, as well as guitar. Similar size and sound as an early Fender Deluxe or Gibson GA-6 or GA-20. Original (and inefficient) speaker was replaced by a great Weber Signature series Alnico speaker.


2 x 6L6

1 x 6AU6

2 x 12AX7

1 x 6SN7

1 x 5Y3

WEBER Speaker

Original speaker was blown, replaced with a (louder and more efficient) Weber Signature series Alnico speaker.


This amp sounds great with all good vintage bullet microphones I have tried with it, possibly favoring the Shure Controlled Reluctance and Controlled Magnetic...but they all sounded great!

Original finish

Original super cool Danelectro amp covering.

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