2021 Vintage Bullet Microphone Calendar

November 17, 2020

Vintage Bullet Microphone Calendar - Astatic JT-30, Shure 707A and more

Vintage mic calendar

bullet mics all year!

12 more Vintage Bullet Microphones to check out all year long

One of my favorite projects, each year I photograph and print up a limited number of my Vintage Bullet Microphone Calendars. Each month features a different microphone from my personal microphone collection, and is suitable for framing as well.

For this year, some of the microphones featured are Astatic 241-S, Shure 707A, Astatic JT-31, Shure 9822A, Turner 211 and many more! 


My BadAss Harmonica Exclusive Calendars (as well as shirts & mugs) ship WORLDWIDE, and I do my best to keep shipping costs down. So go ahead, become the envy of all your harp-playing friends with some of this Exclusive BadAss Harmonica merchandise!

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