Blues Harmonica Webinar with Nick Moss - how to play Harmonica with a Blues Band

November 04, 2020

blues harmonica webinar lessons chicago blues harp

Playing harmonica in a blues band or jam setting

harmonica webinar w/Nick moss!

LIVE NOV 7, 2020  


Nick Moss  and myself have so much info to share about playing in a band setting, or being prepared for playing at Jams and sitting in with others...

“PLAYING IN A BAND” w/NICK MOSS - Nick knows what it takes to be part of a band that plays well together, and that knows how to collectively groove, cue, build tension and work cohesively as a unit on stage. This will be much more than specific “accompaniment” topics, it will also cover things such as repertoire, leading a band, backing and building up behind players, and other skills it takes to communicate, groove, and work well within a band setting.

Nick Moss started his long career in the blues business backing up some of the older legends of the blues as a bassist and guitarist. His 30+ years of experience with some of the best in the business (players such as Jimmy Rogers, Jimmy Dawkins, the Legendary Blues Band, Barrelhouse Chuck, Kim Wilson, and many more) also includes many years leading his own band with multiple award nominations and wins including 2020 Blues Music Awards for “Band of the Year” and “Traditional Blues Album of the Year” for the album "Lucky Guy" on Alligator Records.


on your own and/or with a band

Learning grooves

lock in with different styles as well as building a varied repertoire

band-leading & cues

knowing the lingo and how to communicate with other musicians

playing together

learning to play and listen in a way that makes you more of a TEAM player

blues sub-genres

going through different ways to play blues and accompaniment

plus your questions!!

all participants can ask questions as it happens LIVE!

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