Volume Control for Vintage Microphones (Inline)

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While all of my Professional Microphone Orders are without a volume control, some players like to use a control with their microphones. So I have searched out the BEST volume controls in the world for my vintage microphones, which enable some control without compromising much tone.

Why These? A standard volume control installation on a vintage microphone will sacrifice some top and bottom end tonal response (especially on a crystal microphone) and will also detract from resale value. These controls screw on to the microphone connector directly, are the best available anywhere (even better than the vintage models and other models specifically "made for crystals") and are masterfully crafted by BluexLab, made available directly to BadAss Harmonica. 

*Microphone and adapter not included


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  • I have a crystal element in my Astatic J-30 how will this volume control effect the tone?

    Hi - These are the BEST inline volume controls available. With a Crystal or Ceramic element, they will effect the tone, but minimally. Usually taking just a bit off the top and the bottom end of the tonal range. If you listen it is noticeable, but it is minimal, and some people don;t notice it much. Not an effect on a CM/CR element since the range of those is less dynamic to begin with. - Dennis Gruenling

  • I wonder when are you guys going to receive the volume control for microphone

    Still waiting on the word from manufacturer. They are overseas and have been out of work, but are now building them again....hopefully soon! Thanks!

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