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Kinder Instruments Anti-Feedback+ Box

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(orders will take a couple weeks to complete, directly working with John Kinder...if this is marked as "SOLD OUT" then we are just in between batches and it will be made available within a few weeks)

This Is It!! The world-famous Kinder/HarpKing Harp Mod built into a portable device the size of a typical effects pedal. I'm working directly with John Kinder to offer these on my BadAss Harmonica website to my customers...with convenient payment methods and Priority Mail tracking info as well! 

The original "Anti-Feedback+" is designed to enhance all tube amps. You just dial this baby in and you are ready for blues tone, volume, and feedback control. John is now offering this unique and extraordinary harp players dream with a guarantee for 5 years. Just like the HarpKing, John has put all of his love and knowledge into this new product. Though there may be imitators, there is NOTHING on the market like this and we are sure that you will appreciate the flexibility that you will experience without the famous "feedback squeal".  Whenever I can't use my HarpKing amp, I ALWAYS take this with me!

  • runs on two 9v batteries (included)
  • works with any Hi-Z microphone, but especially well with Crystal/Ceramic microphones
  • international shipping available, will be invoiced for complete shipping balance upon fulfillment


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  • Can you offer the power block mod so we don’t have to depend on batteries

    Hi - I work directly with John Kinder and for now will not offer any "mod" on his products. I have known several people who have modded them, and I was given one to use from a friend as well. After using it myself and after talking to John, we feel the box doesn't work the same when not using the batteries, which is why he sells it that way. If it becomes an option that John and/or I feel we can stand behind, then it may happen one day. Thanks!

  • so whatz the price on anti feedback by kinder? thanks

    Hi - the price is $450 plus shipping. There is a wait list, but almost through with the list now. Soon they will be available on the site and IN STOCK. Request more info if you are interested NOW and want to be on the List - thank you!

  • What is the price? And does it neutralize both high and low feedback? Thanks

    Hi - the price is $450 plus shipping and yes, it neutralizes all types of feedback, depending how you set it up and use it. They will be back in stock for the public soon. There has been a big demand, but most of the waiting list has now been supplied with them. Thank You!

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